Qaua Italia’s ambitious aim is to take espresso coffee to all four corners of the globe, providing guaranteed top quality at all times.

Its traditional roasting method satisfies even the most demanding and sophisticated coffee lovers.

Qaua Italia buys and imports raw coffee directly from producing countries, carefully selecting and controlling it at source.

Roasting is an art so this delicate process is monitored very closely because the roaster’s skill can make all the difference.

Perfectly balanced roasting is the result of two variables: time and temperature, and calls for extensive experience to produce a truly unique coffee.

Preparing blends is an art form in the coffee world and exclusive harmonious aromas and well-balanced flavour are the essential qualities for Italian espresso.

Our pursuit of these basic secrets has led us to create our very own “Casanova Arabica 100%” and “Cafenero” brands which are used by famous baristas and chefs in their award-winning establishments throughout Europe.

pianta caffè

pianta caffè

bacche caffè

caffè crudo

caffè tostato